Splurge vs. Save

Let me start by saying, being a woman is expensive.  Seriously,  I don’t know if its an evolutionary adaptation to represent ourselves in a more feminine fashion or a social pressure to look a certain way (it’s probably just a combo of the two) but us women spend a LOT of money into looking good.  So it can be difficult at times to decide if something is really worth that extra money.  For me, when there is an equivalent (cheaper) alternative I’ll give it a shot; but too often I find that it’s cheaper for a reason: it just isn’t the same.  So I’ve compiled a list of my splurges and what things I like to save on while getting equal (and sometimes better!) results.SplurgePatrice
It might have something to do with the fact that as a blonde, I just have to take extra attention when I put anything in my hair, but I think that this should be an area every women should splurge on.  I have the most amazing colorist, and while she does cost me a pretty penny, it’s worth every last cent.  About 3 years ago I wanted to go back to being a BLONDE like real blonde and I had probably one of the most scaring, never again salon experiences (anyone who has had a hair color nightmare can relate).  I’m talking tears, and frantic phone calls at 11pm looking for a colorist who specialized in blonde hair color fixes.  $600 later and very over-processed hair, I knew from that moment on every single product I put in my hair needed to be top of the line (your hair is your best accessory!) & so did the hands that applied them.

Naile redonenail-polish-tmagarticle
So this one takes a bit of time and practice, but doing your own nails at home can save you serious $$$.  I like to invest in a nice nail kit and products and then treat myself to a little at-home mani/pedi spa day.  Not only does it save you a ton of money, but now a days an at home gel manicure is totally doable.  It’s also a pretty relaxing process (as long as you’re not a perfectionist like me) being able to just unwind and paint away.  Plus if you buy salon quality polishes, after a few tries and patience you can get your nails to look like they came straight out of the salon (& you don’t have to tell anyone that they didn’t!)

Makeup2013 Shay Cochrane
Now this one I think a lot of people can be on the fence about, cause who really wants to spend an arm and a leg for products that won’t last you more than a year (plus or minus a little).  But for me, unless there’s a drugstore product that has gotten dozens of reviews claiming to provide equal or better than results, I’m a pretty loyal Sephora girl.  My skin is sensitive & that’s just one thing I’ve had to learn not to f*** with.  Spending an extra $15-$30 is always worth not waking up with breakouts or a bad reaction to a cheaper drugstore product.Skin Care


Okay, while most of my skin care routine consists of splurge products, I do have a handful of “high-end” drugstore products that I love equally as much.  If you do your research (aka trolling your fav beauty feeds), you can figure out which drugstore brands & products are equally (and sometimes better!) than pricier alternatives. Hair Removalsugaring-hair-removal-videoNow this one may not be as obvious as others, & with the exception of my bikini area, I prefer to do my own hair removal.  It took time and a few screw ups, but I’ve gotten my eyebrow tweezing routine down.  Anastasia makes a great brow kit that comes with a bunch of different stencils to help guide your hands.  I also have more recently begun waxing my own legs as well, which is a lot easier than it sounds.  Plus it lasts twice as long as shaving so it’s really less work and money in the long run (razors are EXPENSIVE).  

My biggest motivator in the areas I like to save in is driven by knowing if I cut spending in certain areas of my routine, I can put the extra money into areas I like to splurge (I’m coming for you Creme de La Mer).  What are some of the areas you like to splurge and save? I’d love to hear what types of money saving tricks you have!  

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14 thoughts on “Splurge vs. Save

  1. First of all, these pictures are FLAWLESS. Secondly, I love all you have to say and you give great tips on how to save $ which is totally relatable #BrokeCollegeStudent haha

    Great post, definitely followed! If you want to, check out my blog 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So far I’ve tried both Sally Hansen all over body kit & Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On Wax. Both work really well but I really liked the Roll-on because it was a lot less messy and easier to apply! xx


  2. Have you done a post about your favorite drug store skin care items? I’m on a college student budget and it’d be a great resource!


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