My Paris Series: L’Eclair de Génie

This weeks’ My Paris Series installment is all about one of my favorite places in the city of light when I’m craving something sweet: L’Eclair de Génie.  Located in the center of le Marais, it’s a great spot to grab a snack or dessert & walk down to Place de Vosges to picnic on a warm day.   I first discovered this place back in 2014 when a few of my friends & I were trying to figure out where the mythical ice-cream eclair came from (it’s not a myth! they exist!).  Eclairs are a staple French sweet, but this place takes the traditional eclair and cranks up the creativity to create these amazing one-of a kind treats. 5-l-eclair-de-genie

I could honestly eat one of these every day & never get sick of them because their flavors are seasonal (with the exception of a few of their staple flavors).  They debut special limited edition flavors with each season & holiday so there’s always some new creative flavor to discover each time you go!10175407693_7700e0b587_bimg_3027If you happen to be in Paris over the summer, you’ll be lucky enough to snag one of their Ice-Cream Eclairs! Yes you heard me right, it is an eclair pastry filled with wonderful house made ice-cream.  These things are pretty much the best thing you will ever eat when it’s hot out and you’ve been walking, exploring the city for hours. Untitled-4img_9751-1024x683

This location is my personal favorite, but there are actually 5 different stores located all around the city! Regardless of what location you decide on, it is definitely a place to put on your To Do list whenever you’re in the city of light!eclair-de-genie-eclairsAddress:
14 Rue Pavée
75004 Paris
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13 thoughts on “My Paris Series: L’Eclair de Génie

  1. Those eclairs look truly delicious. I just came back from my Paris trip where I also tried some of the eclairs, but they were not the same. I wish I could find the place you are writing about,cos these little delicious things looks way more better and I`m pretty sure I would have like the taste. You are welcome to check my new blogpost about Paris as a fresh view from someone who was there for the first time)


    1. They are actually the best eclairs I’ve ever had! Writing this post made me want one even more than usual! & YES! The ice-cream one is just this mixture of textures and are totally delicious! I got to try one this past summer during the heat-wave and it was amazing! I honestly, can not wait to go back for more!


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