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Liebster Award

First I want to give a big Thank You to Bex from The Red Lip Bitch for nominating me!  Go check out her awesome blog! Here are the rules for nominations: Thank the person that nominated you on your blog and link back to the blogger who awarded you. List these rules in your post. Copy & […]

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Splurge vs. Save

Let me start by saying, being a woman is expensive.  Seriously,  I don’t know if its an evolutionary adaptation to represent ourselves in a more feminine fashion or a social pressure to look a certain way (it’s probably just a combo of the two) but us women spend a LOT of money into looking good.  So […]

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Sleepy Saturday Mornings

So my typical Saturday morning usually consists of sleeping in, catching up on my favorite TV shows & browsing the internet catching up on some reading.  But living in a small college town, Saturdays are bustling with people at our local farmers market.  The weather has been surprisingly warm for the end of February, so […]

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Spring Has Sprung

Okay, so maybe it’s just a California thing (okay I know it’s a California thing), but the sun is shining, flowers are starting to bloom, & flip flops have started to pop up all over town.  While I personally wish I lived somewhere winter lasted more than 2 months, it’s definitely nice to have the […]

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Curing the Monday Blues

I would be lying if I said Mondays were my favorite day.  In fact, Monday mornings are probably the most difficult of days to climb out of bed.  Luckily for anyone like me, who would rather climb back into bed instead of take on the day, there’s an arsenal of things that can help to get […]

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