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My Paris Series: Ob-La-Di Café

The second installment in My Paris Series is a wonderful little cafe with big personality in the heart of le Marais in the 3 arrondissement.  Ob-La-Di was a discovery thanks to my gal pal Regan who had discovered it via bloggers before during the midst of PFW this past summer.  It is a small little nook hidden […]

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Travel Bag Essentials

So in light of recent personal events, I decided to hop in my car and drive home to San Diego for a much needed weekend at home.  As someone who is a frequent traveler, it’s still astonishing to me that I always, without fail, overpack.  Traveling is stressful enough as it is without that constant […]

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My Paris Series: Monet’s Garden

So, I’ve decided to begin a series of posts regarding my favorite things & places to do whilist in Paris or places relatively near by that are do-able as a day trip. The first, and one of my most favorite places to visit when I’m in France, is the garden and house of Claude Monet.  As […]

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